Map Calculator 2.0After many evenings of fine-tuning and ironing out usability concerns, I’m finally proud to present my latest application – Map Calculator 2.0. It is now live on the App Store, and is available for download FREE this whole week (until August 11th, 2014). For those interested in the nerdy details, Map Calculator 2.0 features a custom binary format for storing saved paths that allows for lightning fast read / writes along with incredibly fast operation with large number of path points. Map Calculator 2.0 can easily handle 500,000+ points whereas the previous version began to struggle in the 1,000+ range. This is even more relevant now that Map Calculator 2.0 supports GPS-based recording and paths can easily reach sizes of several thousand points in a matter of minutes.

Local POI search has also been added via the built-in MKLocalSearchRequest. Granted, it’s not the best of the local search options, but the ease of integration currently outweigh the benefits. It provides sufficient results, enables users to easily find local addresses and points of interest via keywords.

There’s many more cool features in Map Calculator 2.0, so I would encourage you to download it while its still free and check them out!

Map Calculator 2.0 on the App Store!

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