Expert Invoice helps users create beautiful PDF invoices right on their phone. With automatic invoice numbering, multiple identities, 6 sorting options, batch CSV export, timers and Dropbox backup, Expert Invoice has all the features required to efficiently run a small business and get paid. The app lets users create clients, identities, good & services, taxes and timers to help facilitate quick-n-easy invoice creation to save time and money.


  • CoreData is used for persistence
  • DropboxSDK is used for linking with users’ Dropbox account to backup the entire application’s contents
  • AddressBook C framework is used to help users quickly populate client information
  • CoreGraphics is used to render beautiful, multi-page PDFs
  • A custom implementation of the sidebar menu was developed for the app’s main navigation
  • A custom regular expression-based system was developed for allowing users to provide their own phone number formatting template
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