Map Calculator measures distance from point A to point B, composes complex distance paths and measures geographical areas with just a few taps. Cursor or tap and hold gesture is used to compose the path on the map. It can even record a user’s journey as it happens by running in the background and tracing the path users take. The total distance or area is recorded and updated automatically. Paths can be saved with a title and description for future reference.


  • CoreLocation and MapKit are the primary frameworks used for working with raw coordinate data and displaying polygons and polylines in a map view
  • Implements the now-deprecated Settings.bundle for displaying user-configurable items in system settings
  • A custom binary format was developed, for performance purposes, to store user-created paths. Capable of handling up to 1 million points without noticeable loss of responsiveness even on older devices
  • Uses custom CoreGraphics based blur effects as these were not built-in prior to iOS 8
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