• Security framework, more specifically keychain is used for storing sensitive information pertaining to each created preference card
  • CommonCrypto is used for cryptographically ensuring integrity of exported preference card data. It is also used to ensure that the preference card hasn’t been tampered with between the export and import stages
  • CoreData is used as the main and only persistence layer
  • DropboxSDK is used for connecting to users’ Dropbox account to restore from and backup valuable preference cards
  • A custom serialization layer was developed to recursively export the CoreData object graph into JSON format
  • A custom UICollectionView layout was developed to resemble the Safari open tab browser in iOS 7+


Preference Card™ is designed to support the information and equipment needs of healthcare workers who assist physicians in surgery or special procedures. Specifically, this App allows the user to document, store, recall, or change the equipment needs, set-up, and procedure needs for physicians involved in challenging patient care procedures.

The Preference Card™ app user can: create and recall files, perform in-app editing, date stamp edits, document equipment needs and procedure notes to a specific physician and/or procedure.

Emails of specific files created through the Preference Card™ App can be sent to other Preference Card™ App end users. These emails will automatically integrate the files into the App of the recipient. Further, in-app emails and phone calls can be made to Vendor Representatives through the App software.

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